PlayStation 4

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Play Station 4

Hundreds of the games you want

The list of games for the PlayStation®4 system is growing daily. The PS4TM system delivers the goods from some of the industry's hottest franchises, like SOCOM, to the most anticipated games of the year, like God of War® III. Whatever you want to play, chances are the PS4TM game library has it.

PlayStation®Network games 

Download exclusive games directly from PlayStation®Network and meet up millions of PlayStation®Network members to play online multiplayer games. Get access to free demos and add-ons and dominate the competition to collect game trophies. Or take a minute to explore PlayStation®Home, an interactive virtual gaming platform where you can build yourself a sweet-looking avatar and join and launch games online.

Greatest Hits

Get the most popular and best selling games for the PS4TM, PSP® and PS2 system at a reduced price in our Greatest Hits section. Awesome games like Soulcalibur® IV and LEGO® BatmanTM don't fade away. They become Greatest Hits.

Welcome to the next generation of gaming

The PS4 system was the first to use the Cell Broadband Engine , an advanced microprocessor that lets your PS3TM system work at incredibly fast speeds to give you the best possible gaming and viewing experience. In addition to the advanced processor at its heart, the PS3 has a built in High Definition Blu-ray player and enormous hard disk drive (HDD) storage. That means you can store mammoth amounts of games and media on your machine and you can watch HD movies in all their glory.


Talking with friends or other players in the middle of a game is easy. Chat by text or use your headset to voice chat. You can also add new friends or check other player's profiles (including their Trophy collections) to know who you're up against while you're playing.

Preview upcoming games with free playable demos

Download PS one® Classics for your PlayStation®3 and PSP® systems. Purchase exclusive downloadable games for your PlayStation®4 system like Pixel Junk® ShootersTM or Fat Princess. Watch high-definition movie and game trailers. Download movies and TV series to watch right now. You can rent a TV episode for as little as $1.99 or a movie for $2.99. Or, if you want to watch your downloads over and over again, you can own them for a few dollars more. And if you've got a PSP® system to go with your PlayStation®3 system, you can actually transfer movies back and forth. Start watching a film on your PS4 system and, if you're interrupted, take it on the go with your PSP® system.

Total convenience for games, add-ons, movies, and more

If you're looking for new games, movies or TV series, look no further than PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Store. There are hundreds of games available for download, plus hundreds more add-ons. Is it movie night" There are thousands of full-length TV episodes and movies available online. Every genre, every style, from family-friendly comedies to mixed martial arts.

Blu-ray movies

When you watch movies in Blu-rayTM on the PlayStation®3 system, certain phrases come to mind: pristine picture, theater-quality sound, crisp HD action. Blu-rayTM just makes for a better TV experience. And the PlayStation®3 system's Blu-rayTM technology is built to last; BD-Live (Blu-ray DiscTM Profile 2.0) makes sure you can enjoy the newest entertainment for years to come.

CDs, digital music, surround sound

The PlayStation®3 system gives you a lot ways to play your music. You can always listen to your CDs with the built-in CD/DVD drive, but the huge storage of the PlayStation®4 system means you can also save your digital music, organize it into playlists, and listen while you play games or watch photo slideshows. If you're anything like us, you have a gigantic music collection. Make the most of it with 7.1 surround sound.

Access your world from your PlayStation®4 system

It seems silly to scatter our electronic lives across a hundred different systems - music on our iPods, games on our PlayStation®s, photos on our computers, and then we're stuck streaming Netflix movies on our tiny laptop screens. Wasn't technology supposed to make things easier" That's why the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) magically connects your entire life - access your photos, music, personal videos, or your computer from a PlayStation®3 system.

Access to the ultimate home entertainment system from just about anywhere

Remote Play lets you access your PlayStation®4 system with your PSP® system via a wireless Internet connection. That means you can access media files on your home console -music, videos, pictures- from your PSP®system. The PSP® system can even fire up your PlayStation®4 system remotely from stand-by mode with Remote Start. And when Remote Play is combined with DLNA®, you can use your PSP® system to access media files stored on your home computer.

Online gaming

There are over 42 million people on the PlayStation®Network and they all have access to free online gaming. So they're playing everything from first person shooters to pick-up and play puzzle games online. Join multiplayer games happening 24 hours a day, or launch new ones with friends. There are plenty of online games you can play on your own, but there're always a few million people around if you feel like being social.

The Internet, right in your console

Use your PlayStation®3 system to get online using a high-speed wireless connection and browse the Internet on your big-screen TV. Everything looks better on your TV, from movies to home videos, so why not the Internet"

Internet search (powered by Google)

Has someone just told you that cracking your knuckles causes baldness" This calls for Google! Start an Internet Search directly from the XMB .


Explore a connected world with PlayStation®Home, a 3D community for PlayStation®4 system users that works like a virtual gaming platform. It features exclusives games like Sodium, with 50 full levels of game play that you can't access anywhere else. Plus it's got tons of free mini-games and exclusive rewards.


  • Hundreds of the games you want
  • PlayStation®Network games
  • Greatest Hits
  • Welcome to the next generation of gaming
  • Total convenience for games, add-ons, movies, and more
  • Blu-ray movies
  • CDs, digital music, surround sound. It's all here.
  • Access your world from your PlayStation®4 system
  • Access to the ultimate home entertainment system from just about anywhere
  • Online gaming
  • The Internet, right in your console
  • Internet search (powered by Google)
  • PlayStation®Home

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